About Jen:

Life is not coincidental and one of her first inspirations was a picture of baby dachshund named sugar and that was the first step in inspiring her first brand. She loves fashion and the ability to create and wants to encourage this generation to embrace the talents they each have. She is an artist and the ocean is the main driver of her inspiration and the protection of the seas.  She is still looking for a baby dachshund to make her own and is looking forward in learning how to surf.

As an artist she has artwork available on Etsy.

About Sugar Pak

Emerging talent- we are all designers at heart. Our personal journeys are similar. We want comfort and that elusive sense of belonging in a quickly evolving culture. Creativity frees our souls to express hope. Fashion frees our spirits to embrace hope. We champion you and hope this collection empowers you to always be the best at whatever endeavors that you love the most!